Friday, September 16, 2011

Today I Make My Tri-Annual Visit To A Children's Hospital: One Of The Most Meaningful Days Of The Year

As some of you may know, over the previous years I had a few major cancer fights. Through a lot of prayer, modern-medicine and absolute homeopathic treatment, I ski, fence, scuba, hike, cycle, dance, golf. I never forget how lucky I am.

Remembering this, several times a year I go to a specific children's hospital to read ESOP fables, bring a bunch of cool electronic games that I paid for by saving some money each week, but most of all, I make my visits in order to talk to the kids who are specifically fighting a deadly disease. They are the children fighting cancer, fiighting leukaimia or any number of dangerous other diseases.

I am there to remind them of just how strong they are.

I think my visitis in the past (I have been doing this for about ten years) really mean something for whatever the reasons.

Perhaps its because I tell them I was once just like them. Perhaps they know they can trust me because I show them my scars. Perhaps they can trust me because they can see how strong I am. Perhaps they can trust me because I can and do easily pick them up, sometimes with one hand. Or perhaps they can trust me because they see and feel the honesty in my eyes about what I have to say to them. I sure know they see my smile, feel my energy, and embrace my love.

And what I have to say is something special. I tell them about how I got strong. And I tell them that in a very special way, WE get to see the world a little different because we get to appreciate everything around us so much more! Funny how life becomes so much more meaningful when it could very easily be taken away from you at any moment.

Typically, I gather the children (usually 4-12: I wish there were 0) and with one or two nurses, we find the 'activity room' on the ward's floor.

And I begin by tell them about being warriors and about how strong they are, and how they can beat the dragon. And I tell them how to do that. And how magical life is.

Then I tell them the story of Autoro, the mighty dragon slayer who would appear in my dreams at night (that would be me) to fight the evil dragon at night when I would sleep. That Autoro would only show up at night when I was resting my body. I shared how sometimes Autoro would have good battles and sometimes not so good battles, just like sometimes we would have good physical days and not so good days. But I remind them that Autoro is a Master dragon slayer and a Knight ... and of course all of us little boys and girls know that Knights never loose the war, right?

And of course, I ask each of them if they would like Autoro to come and help them. And then seperately, I have this little moment where I give them the power of Autoro the Mighty Dragon Slayer Knight ... which of course makes each of them Knights, too. Mighty knights who must be patient and focused.

Over the years I have remained in touch with a good number of these knights. I have never forgotten one during Christmas, and I make it my business to stay in touch with them by sending letters, pictures, and gifts (always books).

Sometimes God has had a different plane. And I understand that there are times when some of my Warrior Knights have gone to the place I aspire to go to: Heaven. And I take comfort in that.

I have not shared my activity with anyone but my closest of friends and family as this is a deeply personal matter. But a few minutes ago, the mother of one of the children called me and asked me if I could have my friends pray for her daughter Catherine, who at seven, will be having a major surgury on Monday.

So today - we could use a little extra prayer.

And as for my technique of Visualization ... that's up to you to embrace it or not. But I think we all have a much better chance to be what we want to be or accomplish what we want to accomplish when we embrace it.
Peter Thomas Senese