Monday, February 20, 2012

New Novel On International Parental Child Abduction Titled 'Chasing The Cyclone' Raises Awareness On Growing Worldwide Problem: Author Donates Royalties To Help Children

New Novel On International Parental Child Abduction Titled 'Chasing The Cyclone' Raises Awareness On Growing Worldwide Problem: Author Donates Royalties To Help Children

(PRWEB) February 20, 2012

Amazon Kindle readers are making a big impact for children who are targeted against International child abduction: under an exclusive e-book offering via Amazon, best-selling geopolitical thriller writer Peter Thomas Senese's author royalties from his notable novels including Chasing The Cyclone, The Den of the Assassin and Cloning Christ will be donated to the I CARE Foundation in order to help the not-for-profit organization continue its multiple child abduction prevention initiatives, including seeking the passage of specific new federal legislation that may dramatically reduce cross border abduction.

Mr. Senese, known for writing highly complex historical fiction stories evolving around theological, legal, and political issues, has a long history of acting to benefit children, including assisting children fighting cancer, providing significant resources to literary programs, and over the past three years, working tirelessly to raise social awareness of the growing severity of international parental child abduction, while also creating an assortment of critical tools that have been used by scores of parents who have been able to protect their children from abduction. Exemplifying the Mr. Senese and the I CARE Foundation's commitment, over the past few weeks, the I CARE Foundation was responsible for reuniting four children who were previously abducted, with their respective families, while also working to prevent a significant number of abductions from occurring.

Peter Thomas Senese commented, "I am very happy to know that fans of my writing and Amazon consumers are able to turn to their Kindle and download any one of my thrillers, while knowing that the majority of their purchase price goes directly to helping children at risk of international abduction. What society is only beginning to realize is that there is a growing plague of American children being abducted abroad. In fact, the I CARE Foundation recently released a study that conservatively projects the number of American children who will disappear abroad over the next decade could exceed 125,000 defenseless kids, while estimating that less than 15% of children taken will ever find their way home. That's two football stadiums, or enough 5 year old children holding hands to stretch 125 miles! Obviously, this is not acceptable."

Senese, who has written the critically acclaimed novel Chasing The Cyclone that is deeply inspired by his own experiences racing into the storms of international child abduction continued. "I am very pleased at the great, selfless, and quite frankly tireless work of the I CARE Foundation. I am pleased to point out that in part through the funding of sales of my novels, the I CARE Foundation has made a significant contribution to children by creating a national campaign recruiting lawyers willing to sigh the Department of State's pro boon "Hague Convention Attorney Network." In fact, each I CARE Director, who all participate in the pro boon network over the past month assisted in recovering an abducted child taken overseas. From the southern most tip of Florida to the northwestern most tip of Washington State, and places in between, we're assisting in building a network of lawyers trained, willing, and able to help at-risk kids. And sales of Chasing The Cyclone, The Den of the Assassin, and Cloning Christ are a big reason why."

Book critics are praising Peter Thomas Senese's newly released Chasing The Cyclone.

The New York Journal of Books wrote, "Chasing The Cyclone is a well-written thriller . . . Senese shares myriad emotions by writing in the first-person as he weaves through the action in this suspense-filled story . . . This novel might also be considered a treatise on international child abduction. Cyclone, while full of actual strategies and resources to assist parents in international abductions, is above all else a love story about a father and son ... Cyclone is rife with international intrigue and suspense . . . Cyclone will leave you informed and satisfied . . . you will be reluctant to put down.

Renown Amazon Hall of Fame book reviewer Daniel Jolley commented, "Chasing The Cyclone" is much more than just a superb, can't-put-down novel, though; it is a book with a purpose... Peter Thomas Senese has become an outspoken advocate on this issue, and 'Chasing The Cyclone' makes for a clear and profoundly effective call to action. I would go so far as to encourage every loving parent to read this book, as the bond between this father and son is one to be emulated..."

Dr. Grady Harp, a highly respected Amazon Hall Of Fame book reviewer said, "Peter Thomas Senese now opens the windows on the magnitude of these tragedies in his excellent "Chasing The Cyclone"... As if the fast paced energy of this story weren't enough to satisfy the reader, Peter Thomas Senese demonstrates his quality as a writer of distinction on many levels... this impossible to put down book..."

The Den of the Assassin, a multi-dimensional thriller set on Wall Street and is based upon historical events that jettison the reader on a thrilling global geopolitical journey into the hidden and unseen worlds that exists within nations that have different global agendas than the United States and the West, including but not limited to China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran. Most concerning, as each nation has become more reliant on one another in our global society, a new level of extraordinary vulnerability to our national security has been created, one perhaps we may not be prepared for. In The Den of the Assassin, believe readers will find the uniquely accurate information on this subject that is carefully weaved through an intricate, entertaining storyline to be quite fascinating - and disturbing.

Amazon Hall of Fame book reviewer Daniel Jolley stated, "This is one seriously good thriller. Billed as "a novel of international finance and espionage," The Den of the Assassin is a super-realistic exploration of frightening possibilities, unsurpassed heroism, Lucifer-like evil, and terrorism of the worst kind . . . Peter Thomas Senese does a masterful job traversing the inner hallways of diverse institutions as he slowly brings all of these diverse elements together for a slam-bang climax ... "Peter Thomas Senese displays a wealth of knowledge of geopolitics, espionage, and international finance, describing all the technical intricacies of the story's elements and implications with great attention to detail -without ever letting the pace get bogged down or become confusing to the reader. He also keeps a number of secrets close to the vest, saving them for just the right time in the story . . . Many a writer of thrillers seem to drop the ball somewhere in the middle of their novels, but Peter Thomas Senese's' knowledge of geopolitics, international finance, and 21st century terrorist threats keeps the fires of detailed complexity and story evolution stoked and red-hot for the entire ride. Tyler Boxter is no James Bond, but Den of the Assassin proves to be just as exciting as any 007 caper - and much more realistic."

Cloning Christ, Peter Thomas Senese's theological thriller that asks the question, "What would you do if you held the potential True Cross of Jesus in your hands, and it contained blood and hair strains on it? has had readers from around the world talking about the endless possibilities Senese brings out in his novel that pushes the question of where and how science and faith can co-exist in today's world.

Amazon Hall Of Fame book critic Harriett Klausner commented, "Fans will relish this thriller. The tale is loaded with action yet uses the characters as symbols of mankind similar to a medieval passion play like Everyman. The cast represents the faithful, the disbelievers, the dividers (torn between science and religion) or the selfish. "Cloning Christ" brings the debate of religion vs. science to the forefront in an exciting manner that focuses on the sacredness of life."