Saturday, September 29, 2012

Peter Senese: Helping Children Of Abduction Thorugh The I CARE Foundation

When It Comes To Helping Children - We're All Connected

Best-selling geopolitical thriller writer
Peter Thomas Senese
It is my privilege and responsibility to be able to help provided needed resources to the I CARE Foundation so the organization can continue to make a difference on behalf of children targeted for abduction or trafficking.

I have always believed in heroes, and believe we can all be heroes to those who are less fortunate than us.

To act in the spirit of kindess is a lesson my adopted grandfather, who was a great man, Rabbi Morton Kohn, shared with me many years ago. His wisdom was not new, thought his life was remarkable.  But to act in kindness - this wisdom was first instilled in me by my mother and father - who remain incredible, caring parents.

The other day, I was sent a copy of a very nice article written about my caring of children. The articles's writer?

Attorney Joel Walter is based
out of New York City
Top New York Family Law Attorney Joel Walter, who happens to be a Board of Director of the I CARE Foundation had recently posted an article in his international family law column about my previous donations and ongoing financial support of the I CARE Foundation. I was humbled by his kind words, particularly since it is my opinion that Joel Walter is one of the best New York family law attorneys. It is also my opinion, drawn from first-hand knowledge, that Joel Walter is one of the nation's top international parental child abduction prevention lawyers.

To read attorney Joel Walter's article, please click here.

And for those of you interested in my writing, please remember I am donating 100% of my e-book proceeds to the I CARE Foundaiton, including earnings from my novels including Chasing The Cyclone, The Den of the Assassin, and Cloning Christ.

For more information about me, Peter Thomas Senese, please visit my official website.

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