Saturday, December 1, 2012

Miracles Happen: A Neurologist Protects Her Daughter From Abduction

Earlier today I received another beautiful letter from a parent who was a great risk of having their child internationally abducted.

As this particular mother who I am very fond of said, "If it were not for the assistance of several of the I CARE Foundation's team, my child would have been taken and my life ruined forever."

Well, her child was not taken, her life was not ruined, and she can continue with her concentrated studies of becoming a neurologist.  And that is pretty cool because as opposed to this amazing mother chasing the cyclone of abduction into a non-Hague country for her child, she is working on getting that beautiful 'M.D.' so she can one day soon create more than a few miracles herself.

C - I am very happy for you my friend.  And yes, I will take you up on the two slices of pizza and a rootbeer soda!

In case you're wondering why I believe in Miracles - This is why!

Words of my sincere thanks to every person involved in assisting the I CARE Foundation help protect children .... from our board of directors, to our lawyers who are members of our attorney network, to the incredible parenting writers/bloggers who have elevated the bar of awareness on IPCA, to the family that has been created due to a common purpose, I am so thankful to each of you.

My best wishes -

Peter Thomas Senese