Friday, January 11, 2013

Never Skip Dessert - Lessons From The Taxi Accident

Have you ever had a day that peaked in the morning and just went downhill from there?

Well, I had one of those days yesterday.  I mean my morning and afternoon were lovely: work, meetings, catching up with an old friend for a bit, a good workout at the gym and then another little meeting that went, unexpectedly into dinner. 

But I should have finished dessert!  Unfortunately, the person across from me had  a long trip back hoome, and so, I let the apple tart with chocolate ice cream essentially sit unattended. 

Now, I know from past experiences to never let an apple tart with chocolate ice cream go unattended.

If I only had taken the two minutes to finish desert, I would not have grabbed the taxi I did.

And I would not have been in the back seat of the cab that went through the red light.

Nor would I have gotten thrown around like a ping-pong ball.

And I surely would not have spent so much time at the hospital.

Lesson to be learned:  Never, ever, but ever let an apple tart with chocolate ice cream go unattended!