Monday, April 8, 2013

Every Day Is World Autism Awareness Day!

Children on the autism spectrum see the world differntly.  Thank goodness there exists those who see the world in the purity most of us hope to see it.

Growing up in what you may consider a traditional Italian-American family in New York City, the value and importance of family was instilled in my very fabric from birth. 
Looking in the mirror and seeing the reflection of who I am today, my mind comfortabley - easily drifts back in time as I peel away the memories of my extended family life: it is no wonder that the importance of family has only strenghtened over time . You see, I was and am blessed not only to have two amazing brothers, but a host of really terrific cousins, who till this day, remain close to my heart.
Last night, I received a very touching and endearing letter from my dear cousin Andrea, who took the time to write to me and thank me for raising my voice with respect to autism. 
To say I love my cousin would be one of the biggest understatements I could possibly make.  A gentle, witty, and compassionate mother of 4 beautiful children who I cheerish, Andrea, a talented science teacher, has dedicated her life to being the best mother she can be.
Each of her children are incredible. And I am truly blessed to have a loving bond with each; however, in our family, it is Anthony, who is on the spectrum and is Andrea's youngest child, who in his very special way, has, by act, become a teacher to our family for this young boy sees the world in the purity that we all hope to one day have.  Anthony's enlightened state of gentle innocence is the best of aspirations in mankind. 
In honor of the teachings of Anthony, along with the incredible wisdom of my pal Connor, who I love equally, I declare the following:
In The World Of Peter Thomas Senese

(On April 2nd, 2013 we celebrated World Autism Awareness Day. Please find below the post I shared.)
Please show your support and wear BLUE today... World Autism Awareness Day!

I will be wearing BLUE, Lighting It Up Blue, and cheering on all those, including my wonderful friend Jennifer Husson-Cluff, who is participating in an awareness walk later today.

I must say, I have been blessed to have my eyes opened by my dear friend Jen about the issues children and families who are on the spectrum face, but more so, I have been so fortunate to have her son Connor - my little buddy - come into my life. Connor is my Super Hero!

And my family has been so extraordinarily blessed to have Anthony in our lives. He teaches us the value of being gentle - and we are so fortuante for that and him.

Today, please take a moment or two to understand the challenges of autism and show your support for all those who see the world differently.  You know . . . greatness and mankind's life's enhancements come from those who see the world differently.

To learn more about autism and being on the spectrum please visit Jen's top rated parenting website

Best wishes to all,

Peter Thomas Senese