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Patricia McKnight: Hero, Conqueror, Friend, Architect Of Cathedrals Of Hope

Peter Thomas Senese On Patricia McKnight: "Hero, Conqueror, Friend, Architect Of Cathedrals Of Hope."
There are special occassions in one's life where you meet someone that impacts your life so profoundly that in a certain way, their kindred spirit intimately weaves with your own so that in a very unique and uncommon way, that person becomes a part of who you are.  Several years ago, I had the special privelage of becoming friends with Tricia McKnight.
At that time, I think we were both finding our voices with respect to the advocacy we actively pursue assisting families in crisis.  At the time, Tricia was learning what it meant to be courageous in her voice. To live in Uhuru - freedom by being unbowed to all around her so long as she lived in the morals, ethics, and valuses that is what she believed in.  Fast-forwarding several years later, my dear friend has been such an important inspiration and guide to me as I, in my role with the I CARE Foundation, fight to protect children from abduction and trafficking.  In this sense, the foundation has helped a rather large number of targeted children.
The vast majority of who will never know there is a giant-hearted, kind, compassionate, yet strong woman living in Illinois that played a bigger role than anyone might ever know or understand in how they were either safely brought home after an abduction or who had the tentacles of abduction pushed back before they were snatched.  In Patricia McKnight's 'My Justice', the impact on society has been deep and profound: not only can I say this based upon the activity of the I CARE Foundation, but in knowing and befriending many individuals Patricia has served as she has, in her own unique way, guided them to become the Architect of Their Own Cathedrals Of Hope by teaching self-reliance, self-worth, self-value, and the reality that each of us has the ability to put that Superman or Superwoman cape on.  The world is a better place because of Patricia McKnight. And though I am far from perfect, I know I am a better man because this amazing lady calls me her 'friend'.
As for 'My Justice', it is one of the most important books I have ever read: one I keep near-by. One I cheerish and count amongst a small group of books that have shaped my thought process and so, made me who I am today. So if you have not heard of Patricia McKnight nor read 'My Justice' I cannot suggest highly enough to do so.  You very well might learn what it is to live in 'Uhuru'
- Peter Thomas Senese -
“My Justice”
‘Life changing, Highly Reviewed
‘My Justice’ is a horrifying, but excellently written autobiography about the sadistic thirty plus years survived by one local woman who grew up within the small community of Freeburg, Illinois. Located just 40 miles outside of St. Louis; Author Patricia A. McKnight is sharing a life lived in hell, which is a FIVE STAR RATED tale of just how dark one man’s actions can be to the child within his home.
Ms. Debra Mize, Prevention Coordinator & Educator for Violence Prevention Center of Southwestern Illinois, refers to this incredible story as the most powerful since she had read, and then seen a speaking engagement presented by, the great author Dave Pelzer and his autobiography, ‘A Child Called It; One child’s courage to survive’ which was one of the leading New York Times Best Seller List”.
‘Shocking, Disturbing, Emotionally Charging throughout every page!”
This powerful story is one which will rock the moral foundations of everyone who reads. Patricia A. McKnight; Author/Advocate/Speaker, now founder of Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery & Talk Radio Programming, begins her story at just five years old as a happy little girl filled with excitement, but the moment she open’s the door to the next thirty plus years of her life, everything you thought you knew about the evils lurking within our homes will be forever changed’.
Dr. Brenda Joyce Orozco Markert-Green: whose highly skilled reputation as a Family & Marriage Counselor, Owner & CEO at Afterglow Counseling, Mediation & Family Services, Trainer for American Association for Marriage & Family Therapy, Educator and Adjunct Faculty Board Member of La Sierra University, located in Riverside, California is now using this incredible novel as REQUIRED READING for her students in the field of therapy and family counseling. “My family therapy students are required not only to read this autobiography, they are also required to complete an exam and classroom discussion on what they absorbed and felt; what can they take forward as therapist to increase their senses, skills and expertise as counselors, and to enhance their abilities to better help their clients. This story leaves a deep, lasting impression on my students, which I’ve seen first hand. It truly changes how we see the lives of those around us and how the victims are left so shattered by these acts of viciousness.”
Mr. Peter Thomas Senese: Best Selling Geo-Political Thriller Author/Child Advocate & Founder of I CARE Foundation, who also helped build a women’s shelter and who, in his capacity with the I CARE Foundation, sponsored a conference at the United Nations at the request of the Department of State on international parental child abduction and trafficking, while working to create new laws and government policies that will protect children from kidnapping said of Ms. McKnight in numerous articles and essays, a ‘Hero; A conqueror over abuse and calls this book a ‘Blue Print to Freedom from Abuse’, but it is so much more for by penned word and by action after action, Ms. McKnight and all that encompasses who she is educates or reminds each of us that all of our voices matter. On this note, ‘My Justice’ is a map to find one’s courage, and in it, freedom. As an avid reader and best-selling author, ‘My Justice’ sits in a very special area in my home – and next to ‘Unbowed’ by Noble Prize writer and friend, Wangari Maathai – as ‘My Justice’ has had that significant an impact on my life and my own call-to-arms to protect innocent children from abuse. In my capacity with the I CARE Foundation fighting against child kidnappers, there are many times that I would ask myself while dealing with these difficult cases of families in crisis, “What would Tricia do?” Then answer has led to many children once bound to know freedom . . . and that is just how significant of an impact ‘My Justice’ has had on me and the community of children we serve around the world.
Ms. Linda Walcher: Educator in the Fayetteville & Freeburg, Illinois school system for over 20 years and now a leading member in the Illinois Retired Teachers Association and mentor for many college students has this to share about ‘My Justice’ and the little girl she once had as a student. ‘As an educator, I first met Ms. McKnight when she entered my fourth grade class. Being fresh out of college and a very young teacher then; she was one of my first students. In her bright blue eyes I saw just a happy, beautiful little girl. As I moved on to continue my long time career in the same school system as she attended, I truly had no clue as to the life I could have saved in that child. It is only in the last few years, since first reading the details of her endured beatings and sadistic crimes of her step-father, that I have reached out and fully support every effort she puts forth on a daily basis to use her learned and lived knowledge to try and help many others. As an active member in the Retired Teachers Association and with the mentoring of upcoming educators now in college, there is not enough I can say about how this book has changed my entire thinking process. Back in the 70’s we were not as educated or made aware as we should have been about child abuse and what signs to watch for in the children. Throughout my years as an educator I was able to help rescue a few children, but reading this story brought all of that little girl’s Red Flag Warning Signs, which she was waving around with all her might, but I just didn’t have the knowledge or the training then to help her. ‘My Justice’ is a book which I highly recommend for anyone who spends time with children.’
Incredibly, Ms. McKnight has taken all of her many years of tragedy and turned them into something she is hoping will help rescue victims of Child Abuse and Family or Domestic Violence. She has founded the abuse and violence recovery program, Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery, which can be found by visiting her website There she begins with a few basic steps which are FREE to use by absolutely anyone to help with rebuilding life after any form of abuse or violence has effected you or someone you love. On this new site you will find educational and awareness information about what to do if you’ve just recently been harmed and what we can be aware of as a society to help those around us who may be struggling to cope through some form of abuse.
Patricia A. McKnight, known as ‘Trish’ to those who chat with her almost daily, has endured a life that most of us cannot imagine, but to her it was just seen as ‘normal’. She knows the path that many victims of these crimes follow in the aftermath of being violated. In her drive to better help us understand she is making all of us aware; ‘The purpose for publishing ‘My Justice’ was a need to explain and apologize to my children for the many broken repeated violent relationships I engaged in, which have left their own wounds.
The bitter truth is there was never any legal from of justice to ever come from all the years, but I needed to release myself from the hand covering my mouth and holding me captive in dysfunctions and madness all these decades; this is how and why I needed to publish this story. What has made a deeper impact on me is the many millions living in our society today just like me; some with even more horrific stories than mine. Because of the way we have been taught to view these actions, there are now an estimated 50 Million or more who know how dark a parent or trusted person’s actions can become. Sadly these many others, and myself included, should be our society’s learning examples of how these crimes, and they are actually evil criminal acts against our own children and our partners; how they set up human beings to live out their lives in a broken existence without ever seeing any value in their person. Even though these actions have been going on in our homes and communities since the dawn of mankind, doesn’t make it the right way to live. It means that we have to step up our game against these behaviors and see them for what they are Nothing less than a learned way to live and treat others, a disrespect and need for power over another human being.
We need to toughen our prosecutions for these crimes and begin to really protect everyone around us, not just our own children. What we have permitted by teaching silence to the victims, is what I refer to as our own ‘Man-Made Cancer’ only there is no wonder science which will ever provide the cure. Only by being aware, being vigilant, and being educated about the impacts of the aftermath; the many lifelong impacts of mental health disorders such as; P.T.S.D; Depression, Anxiety, Drug & Alcohol Addictions, Eating Disorders, and even worse the many who’ve committed suicide and taken their own lives because of the horrible after effects. Seeing these ugly realities for what they are is the only way we will be able to change what has been taught as so normal. I believe when you discard someone because of their dysfunctions and what many may judge as being ‘less worthy’ or ‘damaged’; then you are discarding a victim or a survivor, someone who has been or is now being brutalized by someone they love. It is by learning from the experts, many of whom make up the millions of survivors today, that we will be able to change our thinking towards these crimes. This is our only hope for providing some form of rescue for our children’s future. What will you say when it happens to a child you know or love? Our kids are watching all of the activities across the internet today and they are paying attention to what we do when it comes to helping them cope with all their daily battles. I wonder how they will think of us if we continue to ignore it all as we’ve been taught?”
If you would like to find our more about this survivor turned, Author/Advocate/Speaker/Talk Radio Prod & Host, Founder of Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery, you can contact her by emailing direct to or You can also visit her website to enlighten yourself and others about the recovery process or what you may be able to do, not only to spot a victim in your family or workplace, but also create a greater vigilance within your communities and school systems. ‘Trish’ can also be found across many of our social networking sites today, all of the links you need and direct contact information has been shared below. This engaging and empowering speaker is happy to share with your churches, schools, any outlet you choose to give hope and help to all of those who directly relate with children, young single mothers, and even men who are living the life of heavy dark secrets today.
You are invited to view her latest speaking engagement through this You Tube Video;
This was for the Illinois Healthcares Grant Education Seminar held at the Belleville, Illinois; National Shrine of our Lady of the Snows, where the Violence Prevention Center held a training seminar with the outstanding Dr. Elaine Alpert. One of America’s Global Health Staff & Advisors out of Massachusetts General Hospital, who is a panel discussion member and actively speaking for the Education and Enhanced Collaboration of Health Professionals to rescue and provide help for victims of child abuse, domestic violence, and human trafficking. 
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