Sunday, August 4, 2013

CW Seymore's 'Shards Of Glass' Is A Triumphant Exodus From Tyranny To Freedom

CW Seymore's `Shards of Glass' is a courageous story of freedom that is more than a pleasantly written triumph over abuse and tyranny. `Shards of Glass' is a well-written rare treasure worthy of the highest praise for its ability to speak to each of us about how we may better enhance our own human experience and condition by embracing courage to break the bindings of what may appear to be preconceived `normal'. And it is here that CW Seymore brilliance as a writer shines most: written as an empowering autobiographical memoir revolving around how CW Seymore was able to break the emotional, spiritual, and physical chains of abuse that were part of her precondition - part of her `normal' childhood - `Shards of Glass' does so much more than provide lessons for those trying to escape abuse or who are trying to sustain independence: this is a story that speaks to each of our inner spirits about what is right and wrong, about finding strength in our own morals, ethics, and values, and, about how to use our faith to embrace the courage needed to enhance our own human condition as we create our own independence. It is a story that if you listen to carefully, will speak to your heart and somehow, it very well could enhance your own life experience for this is literary gift that gives its readers 'sight'.

Previous to reading `Shards of Glass' I had never heard of `Generational Abuse'. If you're not familiar with the term, it is abuse witnessed or endured by your parents, grandparents, or guardians ingrained in who they are. It is a learned behavior that is considered acceptable, even `normal', as it moves from generation to generation, creating a cycle of abuse for future generations. Tragically, CW Seymore's experience of generational abuse as shared in `Shards of Glass' included witnessing and somehow surviving domestic violence; severe physical abuse; mental degradation; sexual abuse, molestation and rape. And despite being part of the cycle of accepting `normal' experienced in her family life, CW was able to break free of from the chains and learn how to sustain her freedom by living unbowed to her morals, ethics, and values which is who she is. Bravo!

Now, if you are fortunate the way I have been not to experience generational abuse or any form of severe abuse, let me assure you that `Shards of Glass' is so much more than a declaration of independence against abuse. CW Seymore has written an incredible story about how each of us should live in courage to be who we are by listening to our own inner spirit which guides towards enhancing and experiencing the magic in life. This is a story that spoke to me about breaking certain conditions experienced in my own generational cycle passed down to me, as it is a story of lessons that reinforce the importance of finding our own voice.

CW Seymore's `Shards of Glass' is a manifesto and blueprint to live in freedom readers everywhere will connect to as it is a call-to-arms to live in `uhuru': to live in freedom by living unbowed within the morals, ethics, and values you innately possess through courage found in your faith.

With the highest of compliments, CW Seymore's `Shards of Glass' is a very special, important, and well-written book about inner freedom I highly recommend to everyone for it is a blueprint to liberty. Personally, 'Shards of Glass' I have found such great value in this publication that it will be placed in my very special collection of cherished books I call 'Literary Treasures Of Freedom', where CW Seymore's inspirational story will accompany 'Unbowed', written by Africa's first woman to win the Noble Prize, Dr. Wangari Maathai, as well as 'My Justice' written by the empowering Patricia McKnight.

Do yourself a favor: pick up a copy of 'Shards of Glass': it could very well change your view of the world and how you interact in it for the better as it is a story, more than anything about finding and holding life's magic through finding courage and freedom.

- Peter Thomas Senese -
Best-Selling Author and Founding Director of the I CARE Foundation