Thursday, November 1, 2012

Photographs of Long Beach and Breezy Point - Hurricane Sandy

Over the past few days I have had the opportunity to spend time in some of New York's most severly hit areas connected to Hurricane Sandy.

Let me make this clear:  Sandy is a Bitch.

The devastation that has occurred in Breezy Point, Riis Park, Rockaway, Long Beach and Gerritsan Beach is so much more than any words or photographs can ever express.

In the coming future these communities - which have been either completely wiped out, or severely crippled - will need great assistance.  Please keep an eye out on those organizations that are specifically being created for direct aid into these communities - as it is critical that aid gets to individuals in immediate despair.

Most of all, please keep all the individuals impacted by Hurricane Sandy in your prayers.  Many have lost their life, scores more have been injured, tens of thousands have lost their homes, and millions have been impacted.

Here are a few photographs I though worth sharing:

Breezy Point

Long Beach